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Rural Health Pro

Rural Health Pro is a niche social media platform for rural health professionals with offerings to support professional networking, events and training, resources, career tools and more. Rural Health Pro is delivered on the web through the Salesforce Experience Cloud platform and through a custom mobile app built using Ionic and Angular. In my role as the product design lead for Rural Health Pro, I’m responsible for conducting user research, engaging business and sector stakeholders, producing user flows, low-fidelity wireframes and high-fidelity UI design. I’ve also played a significant part in the technical delivery of the platform.

Interaction Design
Visual Design
Technical Strategy
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Inspirations Paint

Australia’s largest network of paint stores transformed its business to enable click and collect ordering for tinted paint. While working for The Village of Useful I played a key role in delivering the UX for the new e‑commerce website.

Interaction Design, Usability Testing
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